We build custom basements that reflect your tastes and personalities.

Custom Basement design

Creating Beautiful basements That Inspire

An unfinished basement is an excellent opportunity to take control of that unused space in a manner best suited to not only your needs, but also your wants.

When Wright’s Custom Basements works with a homeowner or Business owner to develop a finished space, we see it as an opportunity for basement remodeling and renovations to deliver a finished space that adds tremendous functionality, brings joy to the owner, and also boosts the property’s value.

Let us create a basement or finished space that works best for you, your family, or your business.

Do you know that an unfinished basement lacking in insulation results in higher heating and air conditioning costs? A renovated basement, with the air gaps plugged, helps regulate your home’s temperatures.

our process

What's the Process?

Send in a request or just give us a call!

We love speaking with and learning of the spaces that you are looking to bring alive. If you give us a call or put in your information on any one of the message form links, we'll read through it so we know your intent and then we'll give you a call to start digging deeper on this journey!

Our Due Dilligence

We'll go through our in depth due dilligence process to get all measurements and then begin laying out the whole space based on your wants and needs.

Approve budget

Once we come to a conclusion on the project we'll go over the budget and confirm all items selected.

Start project

Once the project budget has been approved and we recieve a down payment, we'll be able to begin the process. We will lay out the schedule for you and keep you up to date as each milestone comes up, is completed, and for whats to come so that your constantly in the "know" of the happenings of your basement.


As we see the completion phase coming up in the process, we ensure that all permits and final CO's are obtained so that, you the homeowner, have all the information when we are wrapped up. We leave the space cleaner than when we found it and ensure that you are tickled with your new finished space!

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frequently asked questions

Wright’s Custom Basements plans each step of the customization keeping in mind the following aspects.

The design depends on the form, function, and utility you have in mind for the basement. Once we’ve understood your requirements, we begin to create a design for optimum functionality and space utilization. If, for example, you want the basement to be your man cave or music room, then we will consider extra sound insulation in the area to ensure improved acoustics and zero disturbance elsewhere. Plumbing needs to be factored into the layout if the basement is to have a bathroom or laundry.


You may miss factoring in storage, but for us, it is a very exciting and useful feature of every basement. Our customers love the innovative and discreet storage features that we incorporate in our design. Whatever you want to store – pantry items, laundry, footwear, or bulky stuff - we can build storage for it for easy access. 

Even though the basement’s layout is determined by the layout of the space above, it is possible to create internal spaces through the use of walls and partitions. The TV viewing area should ideally be in a darkened space. We consider the pathways to the various zones of the basement for easy access and space conservation.

We enjoy working with light and when we share the technological advancements for lighting up basements, our clients’ reactions make everything worthwhile for us. We can stream natural light into your basement through windows and or glass doors. Stairwells, rooms, nooks, bars, focal spots, and more all need specific illumination. As much as natural light is loved, artificial illumination can easily achieve our goals especially with the new lighting available that allows for different shades of light. We know how to use lighting to create the desired ambiance and through this creative strategy we can enhance the feel in any area as well as add the perception of spaciousness.

 When it comes to keeping water out of your basement there are a number of defensive measures that need to be taken from the get go before ever considering to finish off the space.  We look at exterior grade, exterior and interior wall waterproofing, exterior and interior ground drainage that would go to a sump pump to ensure that all water gets pumped away from the home.  We would never want to install a finished space that was susceptible to water infiltration so this becomes a major factor that we look for on your behalf.  If any concerns are found or brought to our attention we go over those in detail to make sure you have your finished space for years to come! 

Wright’s Custom Basements appreciates that proper ventilation in the basement is important for your health. It keeps the air fresh and prevents mold formation. Basements are typically given to be damp and airless and require special attention with respect to air circulation. Natural ventilation from windows and doors and mechanical ventilation through air exchangers and hvac units are demands that we provide our clients with so that it becomes a healthy space as well.